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Introducing Humanity’s Team Conscious Business Initiative 2.0!

Steve Melville and John Thomas have done an outstanding job working with the team to shape an exciting new approach to our Conscious Business training programs and Community of Practice; we’re calling it “CBI 2.0”.  Coming from Oracle and Intel, respectively, they bring great business acumen and experience as leaders in our Conscious Business Community of Practice area. Steve and John posses highly complementary skills and a great love for Humanity’s Team, the CBI mission, and it’s values. CBI 2.0 is truly a win-win for the entire community of like-minded people across the planet.
It is amazing how far the movement has come under John’s stewardship in just one year. Since the Conscious Business Declaration was formally announced during October, 2015’s Global Oneness Day event, our theme has been to invite people to “Join the Movement.” More than 1,500 people have now signed the Conscious Business Declaration. By the end of December, more than 100 community members will have completed the Conscious Business Training Program, with 20 members moving towards Conscious Business Change Agents certification in January. Deep interpersonal ties are being formed among community members through Presence Circles, Forum discussions, Community Building Sessions, Open Zoom meetings, Online Member Discussions, shared training experiences, and more.
For the CBI Core Team, it has been an enormous learning experience. As we reflected on the different things we’ve offered in bringing you this program, on all the wonderful feedback we have received from our Humanity’s Team community, and on our own connections to Oneness, a new vision began to emerge for how the Conscious Business Initiative can reach new heights.
We have been re-thinking, re-designing, and improving the CBI Program -- at every step, challenging ourselves to discover how we can best serve you, our global community. Indeed, we’ve reengineered the entire program. While we are amping-up efforts to encourage more and more people to “Join the Movement,” in 2017 we are also bringing increased focus to “Growing the Movement” – in other words, a much greater emphasis on delivering value for Conscious Business pioneers AFTER they have joined.

Two more changes… Because many of you wrote to us with high interest in Conscious Business training and said the primary reason you could not participate were time constraints, we have created another alternative. Your input is one of the main factors in our decision to offer a perpetual, year round program beginning in April 2017 that allows you to work at your own pace.

Many of you also reached out to us to say you are in support of Conscious Business training, yet the up-front cost was too high for you at this time. Well, we’ve come up with a plan for a high quality training experience - an Introduction to Conscious Business course - that we will offer at a greatly discounted fee. The introduction will give those enrolled an overview of the training program, how it operates, and the different training tracks and outcomes that will be available to meet your specific interests and needs. There will be much more on this topic shared in the next several weeks. Indeed, we are excited to share what has been emerging through us and to invite your co-creative participation in the days ahead.

Please watch this powerful and thought provoking video about other ways of being and seeing the world that can lead to new opportunities on our planet. We need your engagement in turning things around. Join David Sloan Wilson, Dr. Kurt Johnson, me, and others as we discuss important and pioneering ideas for moving forward in these times. Evolution, altruism, and business is the focus.  
We recognize this is the time of year when many people plan their end-of-year giving and would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a financial donation to the Conscious Business Initiative. As we share our plans for 2017, you will see that our ambitious goals for the Conscious Business Movement cannot be realized by training and membership fees alone. If you have the means and inner calling, your financial gift will be so helpful in growing the movement.
In Oneness, 

Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity’s Team

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